History of Kinnaird House, Larbert, Stirlingshire, Scotland.

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Kinnaird House Polish Army HQ Scotland

This information was kindly given to us by Mr Malcher, who's father was stationed at Kinnaird House in 1945 with the Polish Army.

“This  information given during the time of 1945 when my father Jozef Malcher was stationed at Kinnaird House with the Polish Army. His regiment was the 1st Platoon, 6th Company, he was one of only six military police stationed at the house, also stationed at Kinnaird House were around two hundred Polish soldiers as well as fifty Polish officers. Overall in command was General Stanislaw Maczek, Kinnaird House was his main Headquarters.
In 1945 if you were entering Kinnaird House from the Main Road, you would have been surprised to see the well kept gardens and grounds, there upkeep was attended on a day to day basis by patients from the local hospital which was located  a mile from the House. All the tools and machinery were kept in the Stable Block which is still standing today.
On the ground floor of Kinnaird House there was the main waiting room, a few rooms were in use for the signal corp, which was telephone and wireless, also on the ground floor to the rear of the house was the dining room and kitchen, these were for officers only. On looking out to the grounds at the back of the house was the barracks for soldiers, military police and their commander. There were about twenty barrack in all, these were the soldiers sleeping quarters, a few barracks were used as stores. During the time my Father was stationed at Kinnaird House the building was never used as living quarters, General Maczek and all officers lived outside Larbert.
The dining quarters for soldiers and military police were inside the military police barrack, the canteen and the sleeping quarters were separated by a brick wall, you could only enter the canteen by the back door. The MPs used the front door to their sleeping quarters.
In the main building on the first floor coming up the main staircase, was to the right the office of General Maczek, the rest of the rooms on the first floor were for officers, which were mainly offices. Standing guard night and day inside the building on the ground floor were two military police, one at the front door and one at the back of the building. The main door at night was always locked and could only be opened from inside. To the right of the house looking from the front, there was nothing but green fields. My father has many good memories during the time he was stationed at Kinnaird House”

One of twenty barracks in the grounds at Kinnaird

Signage on one of the doors inside the house.