History of Kinnaird House, Larbert, Stirlingshire, Scotland.

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Kinnaird House - Estate Gardens

Kinnaird Drive (north)       Lime Drive (looking West)   

The kitchen garden of Kinnaird House, which stands a short distance to the SW. of the mansion, covers an area of approximately 2 acres (140x90 yards) and is enclosed by remarkably fine walls of  hand  made brick, in English garden bond, with a flat freestone cornice. The E. wall however shows rubble masonry on its outerside, and brick only on the W. The outside of the S. wall is harled, and the N.S and W walls have shallow external pilasters. The N. wall stands 13ft 6in high and seems to have been rebuilt above a height of 10ft, there once was a wide, round headed entrance at its E. end. An opening in the E. wall of 12ft 4in wide and was once flanked by carved stone lions containg ornamental ironwork rising from a low wall 2ft 7in high, through which opens an iron gate. the E. and W. walls are 10ft high and the S. wall 7ft 6in there is a small door in the centre of the wall and another near the SE. corner. The NW wall is rounded at the corner.

Kinnaird walled garden   Kinnaird House Walled Garden   Ornamental Stone work from Original House

Kinnaird House Herbecious Border

Kinnaird House Kitchen Garden

Walled Garden Gate Kitchen Garden